ArtworkAnywhere Art prints Greeting cards Coloring books My plan was to do a small update, and some maintenance, as the site was running a little slow. Then I found a couple things I wanted to change, and a couple things I wanted to add, and now I'm overhauling the entire site! It'll have a fabulous store and a cool new download zone where you can grab some awesome free art! Bear with me while I build this, as this is a one-woman show. I promise I'll make it worth the wait! As a matter of fact, just for reading this far, let me give you a coupon code for the new store, once it's up and running. Use code SHINYNEW and save 25% off anything and everything, as soon as it's open. (Don't worry, if you follow me on social media, I'll remind you what the code is!) In the meantime, check out my latest projects on Instagram, join me on Facebook, or go grab one of my coloring books on Amazon to help pass the time!   :) Save Save Save Save