I’m not dying any Easter eggs this year. It bothers me when the dye seeps into the tiniest crack in the shell, and then makes my egg salad look all weird! 😀
So this year, how about I draw some eggs for you to color, instead? Lots of fun stripes and flowers and cool patterns to play with. I tried to keep a nice balance with this one, enough detail to be interesting, but still simple enough that you could print off copies for all the kids to color while the ham is in the oven! I may have to color this one myself, it looks like fun to me! 🙂

IMPORTANT: Please do not redistribute these freebies, and do not share direct links to the files. If you want to share with your friends, please link directly to this page, or feel free to use the buttons below! Thank you! 😊

Easter Egg mandala free coloring page

Easter Egg Mandala


Click here for Easter Egg Mandala coloring page PDF

Click here for Easter Egg Mandala coloring page PNG

I love to see your work! If you enjoyed coloring this, please share it on my facebook page, or email it to me to be added to my upcoming gallery! 🙂

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