How to change the name of your Facebook business page, without getting denied.

Have you tried to change your page name on Facebook, and been denied, no matter what you try? It’s super frustrating! There is a ridiculously easy way to do it, that works every time, and I don’t know why Facebook doesn’t just tell you this themselves. Since they don’t, I’ll tell you.

So you have your business page, titled “My Blah Old Name”, and you want to change it to “Cute New Biz”. 

You put in your change, and wait for approval. Then you get the delightful message that your request was denied. They give a few examples, and point you to their rules. 

You don’t feel that your new name breaks any rules, so now what? I see people all the time, frustrated because they’ve tried everything, can’t get the change they want, and end up just making a whole new page. That means they lose all of their current page content, likes, and followers! That’s not cool. I know the foolproof way to change your page name.

It’s easier than you think, and this method works. EVERY SINGLE TIME. Here’s what to do:

Step 1:  Change your name to “Cute New Biz – formerly My Blah Old Name”

Make sure to use the full new name you want, and your full current page name. This WILL get approved!

Step 2:  Wait at least a week, and then you should be able to remove the “formerly blah blah…” part, and you’re done!   (It’s not a bad idea to leave the “formerly….” bit for a little longer, just to make sure all your followers see it and get used to the idea. Then complete the change.)

Facebook does not want people gaining a bunch of followers with a page like “Daily cute puppies” and then changing it to “My MLM Biz”, because that is not why people followed the page. That’s why these changes get denied. Even if “Daily cute puppies” decided to change their name to “Today’s Doggo”, they would probably get denied, just because the words are all different, and the algorithm doesn’t know the difference. Even if the name change makes perfect sense, it’s best to use this method.

It works because you’re being very clear, to facebook and to your audience, that you are changing your business name. You’re letting them know what it was, and what it will be. It’s all about transparency. So go forth, and rebrand freely!