OMG you guys I’m sooooo close!!

I want this new site to be awesome and easy for you to use, and I’m building it all myself, in between making products and doing shows! That’s why it’s taking so long, but I swear I’m almost done!! I’m finishing a never-ending stream of product photos....holy cow I didn’t realize just how many different sticker and magnet designs I have!! They will all be available to buy online, and so will all of my nerdy suncatchers! Like these ones...and many many more!!

Use code SHINYNEW and save 25% off anything and everything in the store, as soon as it's open. (Don't worry, if you follow me on social media, or sign up below, I'll remind you what the code is!)

In the meantime, check out my latest projects on Instagram, join me on Facebook, or go grab one of my coloring books on Amazon to help pass the time!   :)

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