Hi! I’ve decided to start new blog for artists, makers, and creative vendors, and I hope you’ll join me! I get asked a lot of questions about the shows I do, equipment and apps that I use, and general questions about the business side of being a creative. So, I thought I may as well write everything down in one place, so more people can benefit from it!

I’ve been doing art & craft shows, as well as comic cons and farmers markets, quite steadily for over two years now. I have learned a LOT in that time! I also did a lot of research before I began, to make sure I was doing things the right way, and I will share all of this with you.

I did have previous experience with shows as well, from helping our Mom, who did a LOT of craft fairs when we were growing up, as well as later, when I owned a sign shop. We would often help design and set up trade show booths for local businesses. On top of that, I have experience with setting up retail and storefront displays, and all of this combined experience has definitely helped me to have success as an artist and maker. 

I still have a lot to learn. I am tweaking and improving my business constantly. As I learn and grow, I would love to share it all with you! Come along for the ride. It might get bumpy, but it’ll be real. 😊